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customer feedback on their home theater screen installations
customer feedback on their home theater screen installations

projector screens by DIY Theatre® reviewed by Home Theater Builder magazine Product ShowcaseHome Theater Builder Magazine writes, "It has never been easier to customize a [projection] screen yourself."

Do it yourself fixed wall projection screens by DIY Theatre® were reviewed by Home Theater Builder Magazine Product Showcase in the June, 2004 issue.

Titled "Affordable Screen Will Never Wrinkle", the article exclaims, "It has never been easier to customize a [projection] screen yourself."

Article Reprint
Home Theater Builder Magazine, June 2004
Product Showcase

home theater builder magazine product showcase


In a home theater, a flat wall can be a blank canvas. Side walls in can be painted or covered to accentuate the decor and now, the front wall can serve a much more important purpose. It can actually become your projection screen. With a projection screen from DIY Theatre, you choose the location, you choose the size, you choose the gain and contrast. It has never been easier to customize a screen yourself.

These screen material is actually a polymer coating that you apply, using your wall as its backing material instead of fabric like a traditional screen. Because of this, it eliminates virtually all sagging or wrinkles that inherently occur over time with fabric screens, and without using costly metal frames, wires, or mechanical devices. Your screen will simply always stay flat.

DIY's Opal and Platinum lines use a noninterference pigment, helping to eliminate color shift and providing greater color intensity. Their screens have been formulated to reflect a broader range of the light spectrum and allow a greater amount of light to be reflected back to the viewer. The product uses microspheres, which are much smaller than glass beads and do not effect the reflection. Microspheres are exclusive to DIY Theatre projection screens.

Installation is simple. You choose your wall and your screen size, frame it out with masking tape, apply two coats of provided primer, and then the final coat of the liquid polymer. You can then frame your screen with standard molding or framing, painted with a flat black. Since you apply the solution, you can fully customize the size of your screen, allowing you to have odd screen sizes (like, say 120 5/8"), if necessary. One nice thing about this product is that you can actually mount your projector before applying it, since you customize the screen size during installation.

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